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End of Key Stage 2 2017 results


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Assessment at Holywell School

Information about our new assessment arrangements

Last year, Holywell trialled a new system for assessment following the national changes to the curriculum and assessment. Having reviewed this approach at the start of term, we have revised the way we assess to ensure that standards are linked more closely to national expectations and to simplify the system. When teachers make summative assessments, they will use a system of ‘Progress Points’ to evaluate the standard of the work. The points system will allow us to continue to ensure that students are working to their potential and to track their progress from current starting points. The main points scale is from 7-63 and each ’step’ goes up by 2 points. The scale represents a continuum from Beginners to GCSE. Key markers are as follows:

  • Expected standard for Year 5      =             21 progress points (Last year’s 5E2)
  • Expected standard for Year 6      =             29 progress points (Last year’s 6E3)
  • Expected standard for Year 7      =             33 progress points (Last year’s 7E2)
  • Expected standard for Year 8      =             39 progress points (Last year’s 8E2)

Each progress point is linked to a ‘Performance Descriptor’. These Performance Descriptors have been devised in line with the national expectations specified by the DfE in the National Curriculum Programmes of Study and in GCSE specifications. They map out progress in each subject area from ‘Beginners-to-GCSE’.

In terms of feedback to students, staff will continue to provide next steps and challenges for students to complete at the time of marking and students will be expected to respond to these challenges. Next steps statements will no longer be provided with summative reports as they were often specific to a particular unit of work and not relevant for the next unit of work.  


Progress Points Coversion Chart



Performance Descriptors for English

Performance Descriptors for Maths

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Performance Descriptors for Design and Technology

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