Student Voice

Student Voice

Holywell's Student Voice is an important aspect of school life. The main way students voice their opinions and have a say in exactly what matters to them the most is through the Student Council. Students are also involved in interviews for new staff. Students also support teachers through a wide range of leadership roles - from House Captains and Subject Mentors, to Sports Captains and Reading Buddies.

The Student Council

The Student Council is run by the students, who are supported by Miss Butchard and several members of staff. 

The Student Council consists of representatives from each tutor group and is led by Year 8 students. The students are elected by their form groups at the beginning of the autumn term.

The officers of the Student Council are:

Adam Rust (Chair)

Callum Ankerman (Vice-Chair)

Maisy Hickson (Secretary)

Emily Whitlock and Matthew Jenkins (Senior Pastoral and Community Officers)

Reece Srtachan and Rhiannon Pearson (Senior Events and Charity Officers)

Udoka Fintelmann and Hannah O'Neal (Senior Curriculum Officers)

Maddie Toze (Senior ICT and Communications Officer)


The aims of the Student Council are:

To continue the positive work of the student council during the academic year 2017-2018.

To ensure the students of Holywell have a voice and drive forward change.

To be a link between the staff and students of Holywell.

To represent the school in the wider community.

To promote a sense of belonging and community identity.

To ensure students of Holywell have a positive spirit, demonstrate loyalty and pride in everything they do.


Over the last two years the School Council have achieved the following:

  • introduced a new item of clothing into the school uniform
  • improved the playground by having new bins and game benches put in place
  • helped to select drinks for the tuck shop
  • selected the colour scheme for the PE changing rooms
  • been part of the interview panel for potential members of staff, including the Headteacher
  • Provided a discussion group forum to review the major whole school annual pupil survey

Every year the School Council helps to organise Charity Week and takes part in the Community Tree Trust projects. Through the School Council, pupils at Holywell know that their ideas and opinions are important, this has a positive impact on attainment, behaviour and relationships.