Values Champions

At Holywell all our students and staff are encouraged to demonstrate Values in everything they do.

Each month we concentrate on a new value and students learn how they can enact these values through our Values Education programme.

Values are the cornerstone of our collective worship calendar. They are used as the themes in House Assemblies, Year Group Assemblies and Key Stage Assemblies. Values are highlighted in lessons as part of our curriculum.

Each month staff choose a Values Champion from each Key Stage and from amongst the staff. The Values Champions are chosen because they have demonstrated that month’s value in their actions and relationships with others at school. The Values Champions receive a certificate and a trophy in their Key Stage Assembly to keep for the next month.

This year our Values are:




Sept 2017



Oct 2017

( Black History Month)



Nov 2017

(Remembrance day)



Dec 2017



Jan 2018



Feb 2018

(Valentine’s day)



March 2018



April 2018



May 2018



June 2018

(Values day)



July 2018

Each month, students and staff are named as 'Values Champions'.

September's values champions who showed excellent RESPONSIBILITY were: KS3 - A Hill; KS2 - P Ford: Staff - N Jugurnauth

October's values champions who showed excellent TOLERANCE were: KS3 - L Bromfield; KS2 C Swaine; Staff - K Wallis

November's values champions who demonstrated PEACE in action were: KS3 M Rowley; KS2 R Jackson; Staff E Warner

December's values champions who demonstrated SIMPLICITY and the spirit of the season were: KS3 A Wallace; KS2 A Proud, A Crawford, P Staniford, V Phillips; Staff A Stewart

January's values champions who raised the SELF-ESTEEM of others or who improved their own SELF-ESTEEM were: KS3 R Pearson; KS2 L-M Summers; Staff T Richardson